Home Insurance And Building Insurance Are Two Different Faces Of Coin

When you think to buy home insurance then there is a lot of confusion in choosing the appropriate plan according to the requirement. There are number of citizens who think that number of accidents will get covered in their insurance plan, whereas such accidents come under the cover of building insurance.

In actual the building insurance is only concerned with the longevity of the bricks and the mortar of your house’s walls, it does not cover the damage of your furniture, appliances or any thing which you are keeping inside your house. It is confined to the reconstruction costs which are due to some accidents like incurred fire and some natural calamity like floods, earthquake and landslide. The permanent fixtures such as fixed kitchen and bathroom fitting are also under the building insurance because these are the few areas which no one can take with them if they move out of their that house.

So it’s really very important to read all the small prints and the attics (*) in the offer form very carefully. If you have mortgaged your home then the building insurance will also be the part of your loan’s monthly installment.

The contents insurance policies should also cover the damage to the things which you keep in your house for livelihood or for your living. Such things are your furniture, bath fittings, cooking equipments, utensils and the gardening equipments should also be covered. In these policies the freezer cover is also covered. The cover should be provided for the damage against the floods or fire or due to theft.

At the same time your computer should also be covered, you must check or keep an eye on the situation and use your laptops and cameras away from your house even if the cover for the cameras and the laptops are included but one should not take any chance. Sometimes there is a great benefit in keeping the things away the insurer will ask you for the list of items lost then you can ask money or claim for these items also. But there are policies which do not cover the accidental damage so please check before you buy any house insurance policy from any insurance company or insurer.

So we suggest every citizens to keep their eyes open and clean your ear drum before you buy any home insurance policy because there are fake agents also in the market.